Who is Ram Dass?

I found out a few years ago that Ram Dass happens to be my biological father.  I like to call him ‘RD’.  He was born Richard Alpert, but is more commonly known today as Ram Dass, a psychology professor and an American spiritual teacher.  He has written numerous spiritual books including Be Here Now which has sold over 1 million copies and a documentary of his life called Fierce Grace debuted in 2001.

RD was a professor at Harvard in 1961 and was famously terminated with Timothy Leary for experimenting with LSD and other psychedelic drugs as part of his exploration of human consciousness research.

Peter Reichard Ram Dass driving golf cart 223x300 Who is Ram Dass?

Peter Reichard and Ram Dass golfing

Soon afterhe traveled to India to study meditation and yoga.  He met his guru named Neem Karoli Baba who named him ‘Ram Dass’, which means ‘Servant of God’.

In 1997 he had a stroke that left him with partial paralysis and expressive aphasia.  He still practices his teachings and now studies the spiritual teachings of suffering and the aging process.

RD has several foundations that are near and dear to his heart:

The Ram Dass Tape Library Foundation:  Organizes RD’s teachings and distributes his books and tapes.

Peter Reichard photo Ram Dass and Wavy Gravy 224x300 Who is Ram Dass?

Ram Dass and Wavy Gravy at Ram’s 80th birthday party.

The Love Serve Remember Foundation ‘Preserves and continues the teachings’ of Ram Dass and his guru, Neem Karoli Baba through webcasts, social media, retreats and other platforms.

The Hanuman Foundation is a nonprofit educational and service organization Ram Dass founded in 1974, focused on the spiritual well-being of society through education, media and community service programs.

Two big projects the Hanuman Foundation focuses on are the Prison Ashram Project which helps inmates grow spiritually during incarceration and The Dying Project which provides spiritual support for the dying.

The Seva Foundation is an international health organization Ram Dass founded in 1978 along with public health leader Larry Brilliant and humanitarian activist Wavy Gravy.


To find out more information about Ram Dass visit his website.

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